Name: Dani

Gender: Male | DOB: 06/07/05

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This handsome sweet boy is very eager for an adoptive family of his own. He's described as calm, respectful, and cheerful. He's currently in the 6th grade and is noted to behave well in school. His favorite subjects include English, Social Studies, Spanish, and Computers. He currently resides with a foster family but can be a bit shy in first meeting someone but will quickly warm. He has many interests and enjoys; painting, riding bikes, hip hop dancing, theater, playing with friends, play chess, and watching cartoons. He has good self-help skills. He has positive relationships with his peers and foster family. Dani has had losses in his life and would benefit from an adoptive family providing therapeutic and supportive environment to assist in coping. He's considered to be creative and has a desire to be an actor or painter when he grows up. A prospective adoptive family should have an understanding of grief, loss, and older child adoption and have excellent therapeutic resources. Holt staff have met this child! 
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