Name: Cormac

Gender: Male | DOB: 11/21/15

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This active 2 year old little boy walks, runs, and climbs quite well. He's delighted when his caregiver's pick him up or is cuddled. He can often be found exploring his surroundings and playing on the playground. He was born prematurely at 33-34 weeks of pregnancy weighing 3.7lbs and came into care shortly after birth. An MRI in Oct. 2017 noted an enlargement of bilateral ventricles and periventricular leukomalacia that may be due to his prematurity. He is also reported to have microcytic anemia.  Developmentally, he is somewhat delayed although noted to be on target in motor skills. He is reported to be shy with strangers but gradually warm after time.  His caregivers observe that he understands 2-3 step directions, obeys them, helps with dressing, engages in simple games, smiles, laughs, points to correct body parts when names, responds to his name, plays with toys. This on-the-go toddler would do best in a family with a good understanding of his medical needs and comfortable with his developmental unknowns. 
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