Name: Carter

Gender: Male | DOB: 11/02/08

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This friendly, competitive, healthy, sensitive, and developmentally on-target boy is described as extroverted, self-sufficient, and adventurous (always eager to participate in new activities and try new foods). He is able to express his emotions adequately, has been in the same stable orphanage placement since infancy, and enjoys talking to his friends, and physical activities such as jumping rope, swimming, and playing volleyball & soccer (he is stated to show significant potential as a soccer player - can speed up, decelerate, change direction, and reaccelerate quickly when he plays the sport). He recently completed the 5th grade and is described as a great reader with a clear and fluent voice, and a fast-learner who is easily able to memorize facts. He is helpful to peers and younger children alike, and also enjoys helping the nuns at his orphanage tend to their garden. He deserves a loving adoptive family of Christian faith that understands older child adoption, is gentle, warm, loving, empathetic to his needs, and determined to focus on bonding and attachment before correction. Help a child come home