Name: Camila_Sandra

Gender: Female | DOB: 5/06/03
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These siblings are inseparable! They love each other dearly and dream of finding a loving family together. 3 year old Sarita is close and affectionate with her caregivers. This darling little girl has a calm temperament and is sociable. She is adaptable, likes music and dance. She appears to be physically developmentally on-target but has some language delays. 5 year old Diego is close and affectionate with his caregivers. He is doing well in preschool and follows instructions. He is described as sociable, outgoing, calm and cheerful. He is persistent and has a good use of language to express his needs. He adapts to new people easily and has made progress in his behaviors, reduction of tantrums, and increase in obedience. 7 year old Marcela is very affectionate, seeks adult approval. She expresses her feelings, generally respects authority and follows the rules. She enjoys playing with peers and siblings. 10 year old Sandra enjoys playing soccer, jump rope, playing with dolls and tag. It's reported that she may not have attended formal schooling prior to coming into care but in the last 2 years she has made good progress in school. 14 year old Camila is a good student who enjoys biology, math and Spanish. She complies with rules at school, is responsible, and relates to her peers. She gives and receives affection, seeks approval, thinks before acting, has a good attention span. She is described as a shy, calm and quiet girl but has friends. She is excited about adoption and having a family that 'really loves me". Experienced prospective adoptive parents who have an excellent understanding of the impact of grief, trauma, and loss on their transition would be best.

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