Name: Aubrey

Gender: Female | DOB: 9/13/11

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This cooperative and outgoing 5 year old girl has been in care since she was 4 months old and born to a single mother. Upon admission she was reported to be a low birth weight child. She is otherwise a healthy little girl who is diagnosed with mild mental retardation. An IQ assessment preformed in October 2016 observed her to be around 3 years old developmentally and recommend special schooling. Aubrey enjoys attending play group regularly and has one best friend. She's reported to have good motor skills and can walk, run, climb, walk up and down stairs. Her language skills are delayed in comparison to her peers due to severe hearing loss detected in April 2017; she speaks using single words, gestures, and sounds to indicate her needs. Since receiving hearing aids she has shown marked improvements such as responding to her name, calling peers by their names, and following directions.   Aubrey has good self-help skills and even helps her caretaker with dressing other children. She is described as very caring in nature and shows concern if any playmates get hurt. Her favorite activities include riding a tricycle, playing ball, cars, playing with clay, swing, slide, and play on the see-saw. Aubrey eats and sleeps well. She isn't a picky eater and eats all types of food like roti, rice, vegetables, curry, and salad. This beautiful girl is waiting for a family with the educational and developmental resources she needs to reach her full potential. Help a child come home