Name: Archer

Gender: Male | DOB: 07/2007

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Archer came into care when he was a little over a year old. He has mild strabismus, which doesn't significantly affect his vision. Archer lives in the orphanage and attends public school, where he studies math, Chinese, English, art and PE. He can write, do addition and subtraction up to twenty in his head, and speak a few English words. His memory is very good and he can recite poetry-- see his video! Archer prefers PE. On the weekends he likes to play. His favorite game is jumping rope, and he is proud to be able to jump ten times without stopping. Archer likes to help others and doesn't mind doing his chores. When asked about adoption, he said he is worried about learning to speak English, but if someone will help him with that, he would like to have a family with brothers and sisters. Archer has a strong desire to be adopted and have a family of his own. Help a child come home