Name: Alek_Dezi

Gender: Male | DOB: 7/01/04

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These handsome brothers came into care in 2014 and are reported to be in good health.  Both boys started school at a later age upon coming into care but have made great progress.  Dezi, born in 2006, often has a smile and is described as friendly, honest, and cooperative by his teachers. He is currently in 3rd grade and noted to have a good attention span. He receives average grades but is noted to have some learning challenges with reading and writing.  His favorite subject is PE.  Alek, the eldest born in 2004, is also in 3rd grade. His teachers report him to be an excellent student and is class president.  His personality is described as gentle, obedient, and friendly.  His favorite subjects include math, PE, and Vietnamese. Both boys are said to have a good relationship with peers and caregivers. They are able to communicate their needs well and have good self-help skills. Both boys enjoy soccer, badminton, computer games and have good motor skills. They need a loving family who knowledgeable of older child adoption and the impact of grief and trauma.
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