Parent Eligibility

  • Children Who Need Families

    Children in foster care can range in age from infants to teenagers. They represent all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. They may have medical, developmental or mental health diagnoses. Some are part of a sibling group of between two and six children. All have been placed in foster care because they are unable to safely live with their family of origin. They will often have specific histories of abuse, neglect or parents struggling with addiction. These experiences will often result in a multitude of challenges that require unique parenting approaches. Our staff have embraced the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)® parenting model for working with children from hard places. This evidence-based and trauma-informed model will equip you with the skills you need to parent successfully without compromising emotional connection. We will also apply TBRI as we support both the children placed in your home, and you as you parent.

  • Applicant Age:

    All applicants need to be at least 25 years of age at the time of application. There is no maximum age limit, but an applicant’s physical and mental health will be a part of our assessment during the application and homestudy process as we work together to determine the ages and histories of children you may be best suited to parent.

  • Length of Relationship:

    We accept married and single applicants of all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations or gender identities. A part of our assessment, during the orientation and homestudy process, is to ensure that a couple's relationship can handle the stress of parenting a child from foster care.

  • Children in Family

    The state of Washington allows a two-parent home to care for up to six children, and a single parent to care for up to four children. Holt social workers will work with applicants to assess your skills, strengths and preparedness. And together, you will determine the characteristics of children for whom your family might be a good fit, i.e. older children or younger children, a boy or girl, single child or sibling group, etc…

  • Single Applicant

    Both single men and women may apply to the program.

  • Personal History

    A criminal and child abuse background check is required for all prospective adoptive parents. While any history including incidents of violent crime and crimes against children is not acceptable, other types of arrest history may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis.

  • Additional Information

    All families must complete required pre-service training classes, which include a one-day training at our Renton branch office, Caregiver Core Training (CCT) and CPR/First Aid training. Additionally, all families will need to comply with the DCYF & Holt policy against corporal punishment of any kind.

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