Oregon Foster Care and Adoption

When a child in Oregon foster care cannot be safely reunited with his or her family, we seek to find for them a loving, permanent family through adoption. Many of these children have come from hard beginnings, and they need the stability, care and support that adoption can offer.

If you live in Washington, Multnomah, Hood River, Yamhill, Marion or Clackamas counties and are interested in adopting from Oregon’s foster care system, Holt can efficiently guide you through the homestudy process, and authentically represent your family to matching committees and DHS caseworkers in order to best match the strengths of your family to the needs of a child who is waiting for adoption.

Why Choose Holt?


Personalized Care and Guidance

We take a caring and personalized approach with each of our families. Our professional staff will get to know you and your family as they guide you through every step of this process.


Thorough Preparation

Once you are ready to move forward with adoption, a Holt social worker will help you to thoroughly and efficiently complete your homestudy, often in an accelerated timeframe compared to working directly with the state. At Holt, we take very seriously our responsibility to fully assess your family’s strengths and skills. We spend time getting to know your family, help you process and apply your foster parent training, and prepare you to navigate the foster care system.


Individualized Advocacy

Because we know you and your family well, we are able to professionally and authentically describe how your family is an ideal option for the needs of a specific child, based on your training and our assessment. Your Holt social worker will represent you during an adoption committee process, in which a group of adoption professionals come together to choose the most suitable family for a specific child from among several eligible families.​


Trauma-Informed Care

At Holt, we have embraced an evidence-based parenting approach known as Trust-Based Relational Interventions (TBRI)®, and our staff will offer you information, training and guidance as you apply this model to your parenting once a child is placed in your home. Recognizing that adoption has a lifelong impact, Holt is also committed to supporting your entire family through our extensive post-adoption support services.

Start Your Foster Care Adoption Journey

Holt’s foster care adoption staff is excited to hear from you! Contact our recruiter at 206.922.1515 or fostercare@holtinternational.org.


Explore the average length of the adoption process, fees and expenses, parent eligibility and the needs of children waiting for a family.

Oregon Adoption Questions

The Adoption Process

Adopting a child from the foster care system can take varying paths and lengths of time. While most adoptions are finalized between one and three years, the timeframe really depends on the profile of child you decide to pursue. Below is a general timeline and process for adopting a child through the state foster care system. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that this process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • Gather Information

    After you reach out to us, the first step will be for us to get to know your family and the profile of child you are interested in adopting. We will answer your questions and help you determine if this is the right adoption path for you.

  • Application and Orientation

    Once you have gathered information and are ready to move forward, please complete an online application. Once we receive your application and payment, we will reach out to schedule an individual orientation meeting. During this orientation, Holt staff will talk through next steps and answer any outstanding questions you may have before we begin your homestudy assessment.

  • Complete Required Training

    Either prior to or after applying to adopt from foster care, all applicants must complete the Foundations foster adoption training classes offered through your local DHS branch office or by an alternate organization. We can help you connect with the best option for your training. There will be a few other educational requirements, and we'll help you complete those as needed.

  • Homestudy Assessment

    Holt’s foster care & adoption staff will conduct a full assessment of your background, motivation for adopting from foster care, and your readiness to apply what you learned in Foundations training. We will also complete a home safety check. If both you and your social worker agree that you are ready to move forward, you will work together to create a child profile, and your worker will write a homestudy report that will represent you to the state when considering whether to match a child with your family. The homestudy process is a time of mutual assessment, and applicants are not guaranteed an approved homestudy.

  • Matching Process

    We will work with you to find a child whose needs might best be met by your family, then reach out to the child's caseworker on your behalf. Holt will advocate for you to be matched when we determine that placing a child with your family is in the child’s best interest. However, it’s important to acknowledge that state DHS workers make all final placement decisions.

  • Committee

    Once a child has been matched with up to three eligible families, a committee of child welfare professionals decides which family is best able to care for the particular child and meet his or her needs. Your Holt adoption worker will present your family to the committee and advocate for you as the committee determines which family is most suitable.

  • Placement

    Once a child is placed in your home, your Holt foster care & adoption (FCA) specialist will begin visiting your home to support you in parenting, will help problem-solve and identify resources, will serve as a liaison between your family and Oregon DHS, and will coach you as you implement the TBRI® model in parenting children from hard places. During this placement period, prior to the finalization of adoption, the child will join your family as a foster care placement, which will bring several new people and rules into your life. This status also qualifies you to receive monthly reimbursements from the state to help with the increased costs of parenting a child while in foster care. Your Holt FCA specialist will also be submitting required reports to DHS throughout the duration of the foster care placement.

  • Finalization

    Depending on the progress of each child’s legal case, you will soon be preparing to finalize an adoption. We will help you understand how to negotiate for adoption assistance, if needed, and will help you assist your child through this profound transition. We will be available to update your homestudy, if required by the court. You will need to hire an adoption attorney to represent your family in the court finalization hearing. Even after the adoption is finalized, we will continue to be a resource and source of support for you in whatever ways you need.

Adoption Inquiry/Application

Oregon Foster Care Inquiry Form

Oregon Foster Care Adoption Application

Foster Care and Adoption Info Meetings

If you would like to learn more, consider attending one of Holt's foster care & adoption info meetings. Our staff will walk you through the types of homes needed by children, why children enter the foster care system, the process for children and for families, program fees, and next steps. To attend, please see the upcoming dates below and RSVP by emailing or calling us.

For more information, please contact Melissa Reese at 206.922.1515 or fostercare@holtinternational.org.

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