Foster Care and Adoption Fees

Holt works in the states of Oregon and Washington to provide foster care and adoption services to children in state custody and families who wish to care for them.

In addition to the fees below, families should expect to also incur legal fees to finalize an adoption, and — occasionally — for legal advice during the foster care and adoption process. Such fees vary and will be paid directly to the attorney of your choice. During the placement of a child, but prior to finalizing an adoption, families will receive monthly reimbursement payments from the state. Adoption assistance is sometimes available from the state as well, and is negotiable depending on the child’s ongoing needs after adoption.

Application Fee | $250

Due with application.

This nonrefundable fee covers the cost of creating your family file and providing orientation to your family, as well a thorough review of your application to confirm eligibility.

Homestudy Fee | $1,500, plus travel costs

Due prior to first related home visit.

Covers cost of conducting a homestudy assessment of your family as well as producing a written homestudy report in compliance with all state and federal requirements. This includes processing background checks, assisting you to gather required documentation, conducting home visits and interviews, verifying required training, and helping you consider how to best apply what you have learned.

Annual Matching & Advocacy Fee | $500

Due upon homestudy approval and annually thereafter until the placement of a child.

Covers the cost of work on an applicants’ behalf to match their family with a child in need of foster care or adoption, including correspondence with state placement staff, and review of child profiles with applicants.

Homestudy Update Fee | $500

Due prior to first related home visit.

Homestudy updates are required annually in Oregon, and every three years in Washington, as required by state regulations. In addition, applicants may request an update in the event the family moves, or financial position changes, or when applicants wish to modify their approved child profile. Updates involve additional assessment of family skills and reflects training, education and related experience within the period since the last study report.

Travel Fees | $0.50 /mile plus expenses:

Due along with homestudy fee or update fee, prior to the first home visit.

Mileage will be charged for each visit to complete or update your homestudy at a rate of $.50 per mile (rounded to the nearest dollar). If an overnight stay is required, families will also be billed for airfare (if needed), anticipated hotel costs and meals.

Fee Reductions:

Due along with homestudy fee or update fee, prior to the first home visit.

Fees are reduced in Washington for families who wish to provide temporary foster care services, including emergency care, bridge care or long-term foster care. Annual matching and advocacy fees as well as required homestudy update fees are waived for families pursuing foster care. Any homestudy update required for an adoption finalization, or those initiated at a family’s request to adjust their child profile, will be billed at the rate of the usual fee.

Fee Refunds:

All fees cover the cost of providing services at each stage of the process, and are, therefore, nonrefundable with one exception:

If either you or Holt decides to discontinue the process before the homestudy is approved, Holt will refund a portion of the homestudy fee as follows:

  • 60% refund if the study is terminated prior to the first home visit.
  • 10% refund if the study is terminated during or after the first home visit through to the last visit, in which case related mileage will also be refunded.
  • 0% refund if the study is terminated during or after the final home visit / interview.



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