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Meet Shane & Roshini in Wisconsin

Shane and Roshini are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption.

Learn more about them!

Dear expectant parent,

Thank you for opening this page, for your curiosity, and for considering adoption. We don’t know where you are in your journey but we want to celebrate and sincerely thank you for taking the time to even consider us to be parents to your precious child. We honor and respect every feeling, concern and dream that you have for the future of your child and the family who will receive this little life.

In these pages we hope to share our family with you. We hope you find our family to be inviting and inspiring, filled with enthusiasm and energy, and a home where your child can grow and belong. Adoption is not a second choice to a biological child for us, but rather, our first choice for growing our family.

Our commitment to your child is unconditional love and respect for their individual, cultural, and adoptive identity. We will teach them to honor and respect you and the choice that you made by placing them in our family.

We hope these pages are just a seed of inspiration that will blossom into meeting you, the opportunity to raise the little life you bring into the world, and many more moments of growth and beauty that come along the path of adoption.

Sincerely, Shane & Roshini

Our Story & How We Met

We met in medical school during our first training experiences caring for patients. We learned to depend on each other as colleagues which was the perfect foundation for teamwork as a couple.

Our relationship and careers have started together and grown together! From medical school, to residency, to our family practice work. We are partners in life and work.

On a cool November day in Dallas, Texas, we celebrated our wedding in the presence of God, our friends and family.

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About Us

About my “Honey Bear”

Shane (Honey Bear) is the most loveable person I know. He has a warm smile and a gregarious laugh, and a Southern twang. He loves reading about and watching videos on the newest car models and their reviews (I don’t get it but he loves it!). He loves fishing and kayaking during the beautiful Wisconsin summers. Shane’s kindness is equally matched by his brilliance! He was always top of his class and respected by his colleagues, superiors, and patients.

Shane was born and raised in Oklahoma. His father’s side is African American and his mother’s is Trinidadian. He has extended family throughout North America. 

smiling man in glasses a blue shirt and black vest

About my “Buttercup”

Roshini (Buttercup) is the smartest, hardest working, and most loyal person I know.  Above all of these things, she is a woman of faith! When she is not in clinic or delivering babies you can catch her reading a book or cooking delicious (mostly vegan) foods.  She loves kayaking and hiking in the summer and in the winter time you can find her ice skating and cross country skiing.

Roshini was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and it still feels like home! Her family is originally East Indian. While much of her extended family is in India or spread around North America. 

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Our Home & Community

Our home is in a four bedroom Cape Cod style on a half acre in Wisconsin. We have a large back porch and a spacious backyard and garden. We have grown okra, corn, tomatoes, and even attempted watermelons this year. We want to teach our child to enjoy nature just outside their door!

Our town has all the beautiful colors of every season. There is skiing in the winter and beautiful walks throughout the spring and summer.

Our Families

Shane’s Family

My mom, Sabita, is fun and hard working.  Originally from Trinidad and Tobago she currently lives in Oklahoma City.  She is a nursing assistant at a local hospital. She loves to travel and spend time with her family.

five adults and one baby smiling for family portrait

Sasha and Rick (Shane’s sister and brother-in-law), live in Oklahoma City right next door to Shane’s mom.  Rick is a major in the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and Sasha is an accountant.  In their spare time you will find them cooking, golfing and playing with their daughter Lincoln. Lincoln is a very energetic and outgoing 6 year old. She enjoys singing and dressing up.

smiling man woman and child with curly hair

Shane comes from a very diverse extended family with African American, Caribbean, Asian, and Middle Eastern roots. Everyone is welcome! When this family gets together it is all laughter and enjoying wonderful food.

Roshini’s Family

Roshini’s mom, Binthi, is a bright and talented woman. She immigrated from India to Canada in the late 80’s after she married my Father.  While she stayed home to raise us as kids, she now works as a science professor at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. She loves to go for walks in the river valley and knit beautiful blankets and clothing.

Anuja, Roshini’s middle sister, worked as an engineer in Canada until she decided to get a business degree from Harvard business school! She now works for a non-profit called the Equal Justice Initiative. She loves to run and enjoys throwing dinner parties at her home in Alabama for her friends. Priya, Roshini’s youngest sister, works as a hospital pharmacist with the infectious disease team at Red Deer Hospital in Alberta. She lives in Red Deer with her roommate Nicole and their dog Brie. She loves baking bread and all kinds of delicious treats and going for runs with her dog Brie.

We both lost our fathers as teenagers due to chronic, terminal illnesses. While these losses have been very challenging for both our families, we treasure each moment we have together with each other even more. 

As you might have noticed, diligence in school and our vocations has always been a priority in our family. However, we put an even deeper value on our faith as Christians and attend church gatherings in our communities. We also carve out time in our busy lives and schedules to travel, celebrate holidays and personal achievements together even though we live many miles apart!

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Being a physician is often a serious and challenging job. So when we are not working we enjoy travelling and spending time with our friends and family.  We love to unwind with each other and sometimes we are just plain silly! In the last year alone we have enjoyed travelling to Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, Minnesota, and Canada.

smiling man and woman wearing hiking gear in front of canyons

We also enjoy exploring Wisconsin — from cherry picking in Door County to Strawberry picking in our community. We love kayaking on the many lakes throughout the state. We hope to share these joys with our child! 

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Thank You

We have shared our world with you and hope to have the pleasure of hearing about yours! We pray you have seen us now as a couple committed to providing your child with a loving and faith-filled home and every opportunity for a healthy and wonderful future. 

— Shane & Roshini

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