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Meet Ray & Tiana in Wisconsin

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Ray and Tiana are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption.

Learn more about them!

We’d like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family.

Adoption has always been a part of our family plan. We wanted to help children needing a loving and nurturing home, while growing our own family. We’re extremely grateful that you love your child so deeply, that you’re willing to consider an adoption plan. Though we could never fully understand the weight of this very emotional decision – it isn’t lost on us. We believe that our greatest responsibility as parents is to ensure that our children, however many we may be blessed with, know that they’re safe, supported, and loved. Love + Family are the foundation of our lives and our parents have been our greatest teachers. There is so much that we enjoy seeing and doing that could only be better given the opportunity to share or pass down to children we’re blessed to raise in our home.

Our Story & How We Met

Ray & I met 19 years ago, and our lives have been eventful and fulfilling.  We have known both joy and sorrow — experiences that have helped to shape us as individuals, a couple, and a family.  We both grew up in the same small and very rural town.  It’s probably safe to say we always knew each other, but we didn’t start dating until 2001.  We dated 2+ years before getting engaged and were engaged for another 2 years to be married on a specific date, April Fool’s Day 2006!  From a small campfire to I do, our life has been bursting with excitement and adventure ever since.

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About Us

Ray is a strong, caring, and compassionate guy that is always helping others.  He loves spending his free time outdoors, woodworking, hunting, fishing, spending time with friends and family — especially our son Rex.  Ray has an optimistic outlook on life.  He is passionate about his home, family, and friends – and a loyal employee to a company he’s been with for almost 30 years.  He’s a wonderful father, friend, son, and brother.

Tiana is a leader, living life with a cheery, bright, and positive disposition.  She loves reading, traveling, and taking little adventures with the family. Shopping and exploring things she’s never done before are some of her favorite pastimes.  She enjoys life to its fullest, never taking any one or thing for granted.  She is passionate about her home, family, and friends – and driven in her career to be successful.  She’s a wonderful mother, friend, daughter, sister, and confidant.

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Our Son

Our son is 5 years old and made us a family of 3 through the blessing of adoption in 2014.  He’s spunky, courageous, sweet, brave, and contagiously happy.  He loves taking adventures, choo-choo trains, animals (especially kitties), traveling, and meeting new friends.  He loves to be social, try new things, and most importantly keeps us on our toes every single day.  Love is oozing out of this little boy, and he’d make the best big brother a sibling could ask for.

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Our Home & Community

We live in a rural area in Southwest Wisconsin, and our home is an older renovated farmhouse that sits on 17 acres.  We’ve filled that space with trees for privacy, a large and plentiful garden in the summer months, beautiful flowers and landscaping, fruit trees, and more.  We live on what we’d call a hobby farm with an array of very friendly animals to keep us busy and entertained.  Although we live outside of town, we’re from a very tight knit town/community, and we’re very involved in any events or activities in the area.

Our Families

We love our family and spend lots of time with them.  We’re very lucky to live near both sides of our family’s, which gives us ample opportunity to foster close relationships and make many memories that will last a lifetime.  We are a tight knit group, and spend our holidays, vacations, and free time with them.  In addition to our immediate family, we’ve been blessed to be embraced by a large extended family that also live close including many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

What We Love to Do

We love any activity we can do together as a family. We have been fortunate to be able to travel and explore a variety of places around the US. We love a long road trip!  It’s a dream of ours to be able to say we’ve been to all 50 states. We also like to explore locally and really enjoy anything that has to do with the outdoors.

Thank You

We hope this gives you a small glimpse of our family and the life we’re building. The journey you’re on is difficult, and we can in no way imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes. We’re so grateful that you have chosen to make an adoption plan for your child and are sincerely humbled by your selfless decision. We hope you’ll find comfort in the life, love, laughter, and happiness you see here, and the commitment we’d love to share with you.

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