Meet Lisa & Leslie in Illinois

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Lisa and Leslie are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption.

Learn more about them!

We are so appreciative of you for taking the time to get to know us. Your choice of adoption is inspirational, and we are extremely grateful of you for considering us. We have always wanted to create a family together. If we are fortunate enough for you to select us, we are committed to raising your child in a home filled with love, support and fun! We thank you for giving us a chance and we hope our profile shows you the kind of parents we will be.

With love, Lisa & Leslie

This is Us

Hello! We are Lisa and Leslie. We met online and have been together 3 years!

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We live in the western suburbs of Chicago with our two dogs. The thing we love most about our relationship is how great of a team we make. We have never once doubted our love for one another and now we just need a little one (or two or three) to share our love with. We talked about adoption early in our relationship and always knew it was going to be our journey. We are so excited to start a family!

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All About Lisa

Lisa grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. She went to college in Massachusetts and graduate school in Los Angeles. Once she graduated, she moved back to the Chicago suburbs and lived with her sister until she and Leslie bought their house together.

Lisa works in Human Resources for a food and beverage distribution company. Lisa loves traveling and Leslie often catches her looking up their next trip or adventure. She enjoys being active, eating and dancing.

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All About Leslie

Leslie grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and went to school in Wisconsin. After she graduated, Leslie moved to Wyoming and then Idaho. She came back to the Chicagoland area about four years ago.

Currently, she is an Associate Project Manager at an environmental consulting firm and loves her job. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, attending concerts, doing the laundry (no joke) and cuddling with Lisa and the dogs on the couch.

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All About Penny

Leslie rescued Penny 7 years ago when she lived in Idaho. When Leslie met Lisa, Penny welcomed her warmly. Penny is as sweet as can be and is content just sitting on the couch and cuddling all day.

She is never too far away from one of her moms. Penny is child tested and loves all her nieces and nephews. Penny is a 40-pound terrier mix.

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All About Cooper

When Lisa and Leslie moved in together, Cooper showed up in their neighbors backyard as a foster dog. After many pets over the fence, Lisa and Leslie adopted him.

He loves meeting neighborhood kids and is great with his nieces and nephews (he knows they are the most likely to drop food). Cooper is an 80-pound Great Pyrenees mix.

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Lisa’s Family

Lisa’s parents still live in her childhood home in the far northern suburbs of Chicago.

Her parents are excited for their first grandchild. Lisa’s sister also lives in the northern Chicago suburbs. Lisa and her sister have always been close, and they see each other regularly. Her sister is excited for Lisa and Leslie to start their family together and can’t wait to be the fun Aunt.

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Leslie’s Family

Leslie has a large immediate family. She has two older sisters, both of whom are married with children, and a younger brother.

Leslie’s brother resides in New York City, but her sisters are close, and she sees them often. Her parents are close and have expressed a very strong desire to have more grand babies. Lisa and Leslie have two nieces and two (soon to be three!) nephews. Lisa and Leslie love spending time with all of them!

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Our Home and Community

Lisa and Leslie bought their house together 2 years ago in the western Chicago suburbs. Their home has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

It has a fenced in backyard so our children will have a spot to run around with the dogs. Lisa and Leslie love their neighborhood, which is very diverse. They are also in prime locations to all the necessities a child will need – great doctors, hospitals and schools.

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Our Adventures

In the years Lisa and Leslie have been together they have been on many trips including Grand Cayman, Canada, Iceland, Denver, Omaha, Kansas City and Florida.

They also regularly explore closer places in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. They love exploring a new place together and cannot wait to keep exploring with their child.

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Our Friends

Lisa and Leslie have been blessed with amazing friends that have become like family over the years. They both have high school friends that live throughout the Chicagoland area.

Since both Lisa and Leslie lived in many different states during college and the years after, they are fortunate to have friends in many places. Distance doesn’t get in the way though! They are able to see their friends often and find many ways and reasons to see each other.

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Thank You!

The words “thank you” seem much too simple when expressing our gratitude for you considering us. We very much appreciate the time you’ve taken to learn more about us and we hope we’ve made it remarkably clear the amount of love we have to share. We would be eternally grateful and we hope that you will never forget the overwhelming joy you are about to bring into the world.

With Love,

Lisa & Leslie

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