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Meet Jason & Erin in Illinois

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Jason and Erin are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption.

Learn more about them!

As you get a glimpse of our lives through this book, we hope you see the love we have for each other and the fun we have together as a family.

After the placement of our daughter in April 2017, there is a very special place in our hearts for the adoption process. We feel so blessed with the life we’ve built together and look forward to the idea of bringing more love and laughter into our home.

It is a struggle to find words to express the depth of gratitude and emotion we feel as we try to write this note. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as you make this incredibly powerful decision. We know we will never understand the courage it takes to make this truly selfless choice. We have a sincere respect for you and keep you in our thoughts.

We hope you will find something in us that will bring comfort to your heart for your baby’s future.

About Us

We met 13 years ago in the gym of Jason’s school where Erin was working as an aide to a special education student. Four years later, we wouldn’t let a flood and a little rain stop us as we got married in a beautiful ceremony on July 24, 2010.

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We live on the north side of Chicago filling our days exploring our wonderful city streets together, frequenting the public pools and parks in the summer and spending time with our friends and family. Our lives changed in a wonderful way when we adopted Willow. The strolls in the neighborhoods felt fresher, snuggling on the couch felt warmer, and our everyday meandering felt more meaningful and fulfilling.

We are overjoyed to extend the family we have always wanted through adoption. We truly cannot wait to share our family adventures with another kid!

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Meet Erin

Erin’s Favorites: Baking my favorite blueberry oatmeal cookies, hot vanilla lattes, cooking up random creations for dinner, family time, playing games, getting cozy with Willow

Jason’s Thoughts on Erin

Erin is a lover of life in its simplest forms. This transfers over to her time spent snuggling with Willow on the couch, dinners at the table, and walks to the park. Time slows down for her when she is with Willow. Better than being inspiring, her presence is comforting and compassionate which makes our family feel safe and secure. Erin is committed to making plans and accepting detours along the way, which has allowed our family to enjoy our time together because we are not stuck in a strict routine. This has helped quite a bit during those unexpected coughing, crying, and high fever nights when adaptability is key to soothing our beautiful daughter into calmness and health.

Meet Jason

Jason’s Favorites: My job (I live what I teach and coach!), learning and playing board games with friends and Willow, finding and reading children’s books to Willow, listening to the most interesting podcasts

Erin’s Thoughts on Jason

I promise you, in our home, there is not a dull moment. Jason uses his wonderfully creative mind to make sure those around him are laughing and having fun while thinking… are we really doing this right now.

Did you think it was possible to make brushing teeth fun… Jason found a way! Wait Willow, you don’t want to put your shoes on… Jason will turn it into a game. Daily life is fun and full of laughs with Jason.

He will support our children in whatever passion motivates them, whether that means coaching a sports team, going to music recitals, or finding good books to read.  Our family will always come first for Jason and he is deeply invested in growing ours.

Meet Willow

Willow’s Favorites: singing songs, marshmallows and jelly beans, babies (in doll form and real life), climbing and swinging at the park, reading books, spider webs

Why We Know Willow Will be an Amazing Big Sister

Willow is curious, outgoing and full of love. When meeting new children, Willow will go right up to them and smile and even go in for a hug. She is absolutely obsessed with babies and dogs. She will crouch down and put her little face right up to a baby then in her tiny voice say, “Hi baby” or “Oh you are so cute!” She also loves to play with her babies at home burping, feeding and getting them to sleep. When walking around the streets, Willow wants so badly to touch every dog she sees and also stops to examine many bugs along the way.

A Note from Willow’s Birth Mom

In April of 2017, I went through the adoption process to place my daughter.  Holt Sunnyridge was part of the process every step of the way and made sure I was comfortable in my choice.

During that same time Erin and Jason came into my life.  At first I wasn’t sure I’d want updates at all, but decided I just had to watch Willow grow up.  Erin and Jason have made me feel like part of the family from the beginning. I get a long narrative, detailing ever aspect one would hope to know, pictures and even videos!  They’ve taken the time to make a memory box and share with Willow the things I write to her and pictures too! They’ve explained that I am “birth mom” and it’s been so meaningful to hear it repeated by Willow.  I couldn’t have asked for better adoptive parents! They’ve been kind, considerate and so inclusive! Updates are my favorite part of the month and really make me feel like I was there. I highly recommend Erin, Jason and now Willow to become a part of your family!

Our Families

Much of our weekend time is spent with our families.We are so lucky to have so much of our family close by. Cousins can’t wait to have another little to join in their adventures! 

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six children in colorful lifejackets in a swimming pool

Play, Teaching and Adventure!

Erin teaches fourth grade in Chicago Public Schools and Jason teaches Physical Education and Wellness in a suburb outside of the city. Kids are the center of our days… and nights… and we LOVE it!

We take full advantage of our summers off and love to explore new places together! 

family eating ice cream
Family playing games

Thank You

More than anything, we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, security, and joy we can offer. We want our children to feel proud of their adoption stories and will always find ways to remind them of the love their birth families have for them.

 Thank you for the time you’ve spent getting to know our family. We wish you the best on this journey.

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