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Meet Chris & Sarah in Wisconsin

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Chris and Sarah are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption.

Learn more about them!

Hello! We are Chris, Sarah, and Sydney. We are so happy that our paths crossed today. We wish we could just sit and talk with you and get to know each other, but for now this will have to do. Considering adoption is a journey and we are honored that you are taking the time to learn about our family. Whatever decision you make, we know it takes courage and strength. We’d love to get to learn more about you and your hopes for the future.

We have a light hearted relationship full of laughter and joy. We like to have fun and celebrate the good things in life. Sarah is a Special Education Teacher and is fortunate to work with amazing children with diverse special needs. Chris is a Network Design Engineer and he works from home. We enjoy traveling, camping, movies, and trying a new recipe. We value spending time together and with our extended family. Time with family is when we are the happiest.

We will always honor your love for your child and respect your decision regarding adoption. From the youngest age your child will always know about their adoption, how special you are, and how much you love them. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about each other as we navigate this special journey.

Chris & Sarah

Our Story & How We Met

Our lives together began in September, 2007 over a nice dinner.   We talked about food, our families, movies, and everything else that we could think of that night. We really enjoyed each other’s company.  The conversations have been happening ever since! We were married in August, 2009. It was a beautiful summer day and we were surrounded by the ones we love.  Soon after we started a family and welcomed Sydney Sarah into our lives.  She is our greatest blessing.  Chris and Sarah have loved each other with deep affection ever since.   Our family tries to spread joy and love to those around us.  Kindness matters!

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About Us

What Chris Loves About Sarah

I have never met a more caring person in my life. Sarah would do just about anything for those she cares about and always thinks about others before herself.  She is an amazingly patient person and has the skill to take what life throws at her and make the best of the situation, while never giving up on herself or others.  Sarah also has the ability to see good in all people and has a very positive outlook on life.  Sarah is a very hard working and dedicated Special Education teacher.  She has a remarkable ability to make a special connection with each of her students and is an incredible advocate for them.  Sarah makes sure they all succeed in many ways, feel a sense of belonging, and have wonderful experiences in school.  Sarah loves to cook, garden, take long walks, shop, and make our house a home.  What impresses me most is watching her be an incredible mother to our daughter.  Every day I see her kind heart, compassion, and joy for life in our daughter and that is what I love about her the most.  I feel very blesses to have Sarah as my wife and best friend.  My favorite place to be is anywhere with her!

“I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher and I have worked in this field since 2001.   I am proud to have a career that helps kids succeed.  For many years I worked with children that have moderate intellectual delays, learning disabilities, Autism, and various social and behavioral needs.  In my most recent school, my focus is specifically working with children with moderate to severe Autism.  I dedicate my time to creating personal and meaningful connections with students.  My philosophy when teaching and in life is that relationships are the basis for everything.  When my students know that I care for them and feel safe, great things will happen.”

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What Sarah Loves About Chris

Chris is a wonderful husband and friend.  He is a fantastic father to our daughter!  Chris is generous, thoughtful, hardworking, and very funny.  He is always making us laugh.  He is great at teaching Sydney how to do things and has a lot of patience.  Sydney and I feel very cared for by him.  He is a strong, loving, and supportive husband.  He is someone I can count on when times are tough and celebrate with when good news comes our way.  If I ever doubt myself or get discouraged, he is always there for me.  Our family is his priority.  Chris is a team player in our marriage and always helps out around the house.  His loyalty to his family and friends makes me respect him even more.  He loves spending time going to movies, working in the yard, playing sports or taking a long bike ride.  Watching him as a father has made my love for him grow and grow.  Needless to say, I love this man and can’t imagine our lives without him.  I am a better person from having Chris in my life.

Chris works from home as a Senior Network Design Engineer.  Chris is a hard worker and a very dedicated employee.  He takes providing for his family very seriously.  He enjoys his career and has been very successful working as an Engineer for the past 22 years.

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Our Daughter

Sydney is our smart, creative and silly girl. She is 10 years old. She is beautiful inside and out. She is kind to everyone she meets. She stands up for others and shows leadership. Her smile is our favorite greeting in the morning. Her imagination takes her to magical places. She loves to play, create, draw, and build. She loves to dance (Tap/Jazz/Lyrical/Hip Hop), likes to swim on the swim team, and play volleyball. She loves to author and illustrate graphic novels. She is also into coding and robotics. She is hoping for a sibling to go through life with. Sarah and her sister are 9 years apart and they have a wonderful relationship so we know that could happen for Sydney as well.

Our Home & Community

We live in a rural community in western Wisconsin. Our community is very family oriented and its members are always ready and willing to help a neighbor. We live near the twin cities. We feel we have the best of both worlds — country living with city activities close by. Our home is located in a neighborhood development which has 70 one acres lots for homes. We love to take walks and play in our yard.  We have amazing neighbors that we have established great friendships with. There are always families outside and children playing. We enjoy having the kids over to play and climb on our playground that Chris built. Our home has 4 bedrooms and an open concept first level.  The basement is also finished and great for family time, hosting family and friends, and of course a playroom. Chris also has his home office in the basement. Our yard is landscaped well and set up to play on the playset, volleyball, lawn games, and a crackling fire in the fire pit.

Our Families

We are both blessed to grow up with loving, hard working parents. They encouraged us to be our best while instilling in us the importance of family. We value seeing our families often to celebrate each other, do something fun, or just spending time together talking or having a meal. We are all happy to help each other with jobs and projects like yardwork or moving to a new home. We also have holiday traditions with both of our families for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and vacations.

Chris has one older sister and Sarah has one younger sister.  They both were able to represent us at our wedding as the Maid of Honor and the Best wo-MAN.  It was so special to have their love and support.

Chris grew up in Minnesota near the Twin Cities. Sarah grew up in West Central Wisconsin. Our families have some playful fun together as Chris’ family cheers for the Minnesota Vikings and Sarah’s family cheers for the Green Bay Packers. Both of our parents are blessed with grandchildren. They love this role and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren when ever possible.


On March 4, 2019 our next adventure was born!  Our new puppy SKYE!  She is a wonderful puppy and is so very loved.  Lots of snuggles, play, and kisses!  She just loves to be with you and being held.

Things We Enjoy

Playing – Camping – Ice Cream – Technology – Swimming – Smiling – Pizza – Movies – Walks – Vacations – Laughing – Reading – Friends – Cooking – Holidays – The Outdoors – Kindness – Spending Time with Family – Each Other

Being together every day is what makes life so enjoyable!  Here are a few of our moments doing things we love together.

Thank You

We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and explore our story. We are hopeful to meet you in person to share more about our life and learn more about yours. In the meantime, we honor your courage and strength during your journey.

“Let’s make the most of this beautiful day!”  – Mister Rogers

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