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Haiti Vision Trip

There are no vision trips to Haiti currently scheduled.  Please check back for future trips.

Haiti Vision Trip Info:

For our first trip, Holt will lead a group of enthusiastic individuals to Haiti in the fall. Much has changed in Haiti. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, Holt expanded the services we provide to struggling children and families. This trip will give individuals a chance to see how we have moved forward in Haiti in light of these new realities. Participants will:

  • Tour the beautiful Holt Fontana Village, our care center in Haiti, and meet and interact with the children there
  • Visit the schools we support through our family preservation program
  • Meet a family receiving life-changing vocational training
  • Visit a museum and take part in additional sightseeing activities

"These trips serve as a wonderful opportunity for people to become more engaged in what Holt does," says Sarah Halfman, director of programs for Haiti and Africa. "There's just something special about being on the ground. You get to fall in love with the country and get to know the children. There's nothing like seeing Holt's work with your own eyes."

Travel Dates: September 24-28th **
Cost: $600 non-refundable donation, plus $25 for criminal background check

The $600 non-refundable donation covers the costs of ground transportation while in Haiti for all activities that are organized by Holt. It will also be used to purchase supplies for the benefit of children at Holt Fontana Village, as well as some of the families who are receiving services through Holt's family preservation projects in Haiti. A portion also covers the cost for Holt staff to serve as guides on this trip.

** Travelers are responsible to book airline tickets to and from Miami and Port-au-Prince, and travelers will be given suggested flights and schedules. Holt staff will provide transportation to/from airport and within Haiti for all activities that are organized by Holt.
** Airfare needs to be purchased by July 24th
* Although Holt will make hotel reservations for all participants, travelers must pay for their own hotel at check-in.

The following is an estimate of what travelers can expect to pay:

  • Airfare to Miami: Ranges Airfare from Miami to/from Port Au Prince: $380 - $500
  • Hotel per night: $89/ single occupancy (includes breakfast and dinner at Kaliko)
  • Meals: $15-$30/per day.

Note: Vision trips are not for the purpose of meeting one's sponsored child.

This trip is now full. Please check our website in the future for info on future trips

If you have questions or need more information, contact Holt at 541-687-2202 ext. 137 or visiontrip@holtinternational.org.

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