Eligibility for Thailand Special Needs Project

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Cancer history:

Flexibility if cancer treated and include medical letter and labs (must be cancer-free for 4-5 years).


Flexibility if adoptive father’s BMI is between 40-45 (still need to include additional labs/letters if BMI is 35+)

Anxiety/depression medication:

Flexibility if it is mild and/or situational and is well controlled with mental health letter.

Marital Status:

Flexibility for single women, 1-2 years marriage if they were together/knew each other for some time before marriage, and marital relationship is strong

Children in the home:

Flexibility with age gap and birth order (prefer a one-year age difference). Can consider up to 5 children in the home, but need a strong childcare plan, adequate financial resources, and pre-eligibility clearance.

Adoptive parent age:

Flexibility for adoptive parents in their upper 40s or 50s for older children (Parents over the age of 50 are only eligible to adopt children 5 or older). Should have a strong childcare plan and support system. Pre-approval required if mother is more than 7 years older than father, or if father is more than 10 years older than mother.

Additional Considerations:

  • Organ Transplants: Possible if it has been over five years since the transplant.
  • Arrest History: You may apply if arrest was five+ years ago and with a positive assessment.
  • At least one parent has to be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Adoption of Two Unrelated Children: No. There are no exceptions in SNP program.
  • Relative adoptions possible but must be pre-screened by the Thailand team.

To be matched a family needs a completed application and up-to-date home study. The Thailand paperwork process does not begin until the family submits their dossier.



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