Date of Birth: 02-05-2007
Country: Vietnam

His father is able to send all 6 children to school. He asks for help from the donors and from community. The case worker refers his case to Holt for support. The child was awarded with $165 for 12 months to pay for his school fees.

Thong stands 142 cm and weighs 35 kg as of now. He?s completely healthy and active boy. Thong enjoys all kind of food and can eat up to three bowls of steam rice per meal. He?s a good eater.

Thong is the middle child in a family of 6 siblings. His mom passed away years ago. His dad is a poor farmer who has done everything to support his children and send them to school with his low income. His elder sister is now fresh student in a college and his two siblings are at grade 9th now.

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