Date of Birth: 11-27-2015
Country: Vietnam

After being referred to Holt, she would receive an amount of financial aid to help her cover a partial cost of daycare service and boarding lunches at her kindergarten in Phu Dong commune of Ba Vi district, where Holt is implementing Daycare Program.

At time of admission, Vy does not have chronic diseases but often catches respiratory illness.

Phung Do Tuong Vy is the first of two children born to Phung The Long (born in 1984) and Do Thi Quynh (born in 1986). She has a 3-year-younger brother named Phung Do Tue Lam. The family of four is in the category of households living near poverty line in Dong Doai hamlet, Phu Dong commune, Ba Vi district. Her parents are farmers with all income sourcing from manual rice transplanting. His father has mental illness and needs regular medicine treatments. He does not receive any government subsidy because of his health condition.

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