Date of Birth: 01-28-2014
Country: Vietnam

Their income is too tight to support the children with adequate nutrition and meet their other basic needs. The family wants to receive capital support from Holt Vietnam to raise chickens improving life and bringing the children better care.

Lan is in good health condition. She has no contract with any disease now. The main income of the family is from transplanting rice field that gives those about 2 quintals of rice per six months. Besides, the father works as a free laborer to earn about $100/ month.

Le Ngoc Lan was born on January 28th, 2014 is the fourth child in a poor family with 5 children. Lan?s parents are both farmers with low income. The family is living in a very small and old house that was built long time ago. The parents struggle for feeding the children because of their limited finance.

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