Date of Birth: 02-15-2006
Country: Vietnam

The family has two empty pigsties and a small backyard for chicken husbandry. Due to hog cholera spreading in the area at the beginning of year, her mother believes that raising backyard chickens would become a sustainable income source for their family. Considering their experience and capability, Holt decided to give them an amount of financial capital for the purchase of chicks and poultry bran.

At time of admission, Diep and her sisters have good health and go to school.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Diep is the first-born child in a poor four-child family in Hoa Thach commune of Quoc Oai district. Her parents struggle to finance the education expense of their four children, estimated at 30 million VND a year. Her father works in a local brick factory with the main job of shaping bricks and putting them in the oven for the main brick artisan. For every brick, he gets paid 500VND. In sunny days, his daily wage is about 200,000VND (~US$8.5). Her mother earns 100,000VND a working day from weeding and harvesting lemongrass for hire. They still have 10 million VND in debt with the interest of 0.9%/month from house repair in the last year.

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