Date of Birth: 08-21-2012
Country: Vietnam

Holt decided to help the family to finance the plan of chicken husbandry based on their experience and living circumstance. Hung?s brother is going to enroll in kindergarten this school year, the extra income generated from raising chicken will help the family to cover a part of his school fees and increase nutrition in daily meals for Hung and his sibling.

At time of admission, Hung and his brother have no medical concerns.

Hung was born in a family living near poverty line in Hoa Thach commune. He lives with his father, a younger brother and paternal grandparents. His mother has left the house and never came back since June 2017, and not provided financial assistance to her sons so far. His father?s main occupation is construction worker with unstable monthly income as his epilepsy condition needs regular medical check-up at hospital. His grandparents, who are at the age of 70, are able to earn some income from animal husbandry at home and manual rice cultivation.

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