Date of Birth: 01-04-2009
Country: Vietnam

Holt decided to provide the family an amount of capital to finance the purchase of an electric bicycle due to the family?s lack of efficient transportation means. The mother hopes that this support will unlock an opportunity for a better paid job and give her more spare time to take care of her sons.

Manh and his brother are healthy and have not been hospitalized within a year.

Kieu Anh Manh is one of two sons born to a single mother in Hoa Thach commune. The low-income family has been in the list of households living under poverty line of the government since 2016. His mother works as a vegetable seller with the salary of US$127.6 per month. She works 12 hours a day from Monday to Sunday, and does all the jobs from loading/unloading/transporting goods to vegetable trimming and selling to customers. The family does not own paddy field and valuable animals such as cow and buffalo.

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