Date of Birth: 01-10-2010
Country: Vietnam

The family wants to have a motorbike for the transportation of vegetables between retailing and wholesale locations. Considering the impact of a transportation means on the family?s monthly income as well as the family?s capability, Holt decided to give them an amount of capital support so that they can afford a used motorbike.

Quynh?s 3-year-old sister, Trinh Thanh Nga, has heart diseases since born and has been taken regular health examinations at Children Hospital in Hanoi Capital. Her parents had to borrow 15 million VND from their relatives to cover the cost of medicine, transportation and hospital fees.

Trinh Nhu Quynh is the first child of a poor five-child family living in Dong Tien commune of Ung Hoa district. At time of admission, Quynh and her siblings are in range of 2 to 10 years old. Her father earns a living from selling vegetables at local markets, and her mother is a housewife. Her mother raises some chicken at home to have eggs for daily meal and will sell chicken when reaching slaughter weight. The family does not own any paddy field.

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