Date of Birth: 06-30-2010
Country: Vietnam

Love the two children but the grandparent?s circumstance is very hard. The grandfather is the main labor to support the family but he does not have a stable job. In addition, the grandparents have to take care of 3 children of their daughter with the first child has cerebral palsy. Because their daughter has mental problem so she cannot take care of the children. At this time, the grandfather has not come back to work and has no income. The grandparent just stays at home to take care of their grandchildren. Currently, both of the children are very afraid and they just want to live with their grandparent but their economic situation is very hard. Therefore, during our visit, we decided to support formula and food for the children while waiting for the subsidy from government or other supports.

Viet?s health now is stable. He has no medical or physical problem.

Currently, Bui Quoc Viet?s family is suffering a crisis and distress since his father killed his mother and himself in an angry moment on Mar 4th, 2018. Viet was born on Jun 30th, 2010 and his brother was born Jun 12th, 2016. Now both of them are living with their grandparents.

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