Date of Birth: 12-01-2016
Country: Vietnam

The family has no land for planting. The main income of the family is only on the father?s income. He rides his own old motorbike to ship goods for hire and earns unstable income, about $150 per month. The mother stays at home to take care of her little children and the oldest girl with Down Syndrome. Their income is not enough for the family to pay school fees and cover daily needs of the four children. In our visit to the family, the mother said that she felt nervous and uncomfortable because she did not have a job to support her family and all expenses depends on only her husband?s income. She wishes to receive capital support to raise chickens at home so she can both take care of the children and earn extra income.

Anh is in good health condition and has no medical or physical problem. His oldest sister is a Down syndrome girl and she just stays at home and never goes to school. The family with 6 people are living in a small brick- roof house with no worthy furnitur???

Nguyen Hoang Anh was born on Dec 1st, 2016 is the youngest child of a family with 4 children. His family is in difficult circumstance in a rural area of Hanoi.

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