Date of Birth: 02-11-2008
Country: Vietnam

The mother said that the children are good at learning; she really would like to maintain their schooling and providing better nutrition for them. After counseling plan with the family and local case worker, we decided to provide capital support to the mother to raise a sow.

The current income of all 6 members in the family is mainly based on transplanting 720 m2 of rice field which can provide 2 quintals of rice per six months. At present, the mother is working for hire at an iron workshop and earns $100/month. With the low ???

Trinh Thi Thao was born on 11/2/2008. She is the second child in a poor family with 4 children. The family is living in stable house that was built last year with the help of government and relative support after their old house collapsed. To build the house, they still borrow $500 from relatives. Moreover, his father, the bread winner of the family, had an accident 2 months ago. He cannot work now that leading the family to financial crisis.

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