Date of Birth: 08-01-2014
Country: Vietnam

Holt-VN supported the family to pay school meals for him since September, 2016.

Dinh Thien was a healthy boy upon admission. He eats well and enjoys many kinds of food. He sleeps soundly at night.

Chu Dinh Thien is the only child of a single mom. He and his mother live at his grandparent's house. His mother's health is weak and she earns money as a free laborer which gives them about 20US dollars per month. She receives a subsidy of 17US dollars per month for single mothers. The child and the mother also receive some support from their relatives. With tight income, they don't have money to pay school meals for Thien at the kindergarten. His mother hopes to receive support to pay school meals for him and she will have more time to earn money.

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