Date of Birth: 08-04-2014
Country: Vietnam

Learning about their situation, local authority has referred the case to Holt for assistance. Holt-VN supported the family to pay partial school meals for her since Sep. 2016.

Anh Tuyet is healthy.

Phung Thi Anh Tuyet was born in a family facing with difficult circumstances. Her eldest brother is 11 years old and learning in 6th grade. Her older sister is 7 years old and learning in grade 2. Her father has mental issues and her mother is the bread-winner of the family. The main income of 5 members is based on transplanting 360 m2 of field which gives them approximately 250 pounds of rice per six months. At the beginning of school year, the family has to pay school fees and stationery for her siblings in the amount of 220US dollars for the whole year.

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