Date of Birth: 09-03-2011
Country: Vietnam

She is the youngest child. There are four people in her family including her parents, a sister 11 years old and her. Now Ngan?s parents are overwhelmed with the financial burden to fulfill the basic needs of their family and school fees of the children. Besides, they don't receive any support from relatives. They requested to support a scholarship for Ngan and a new bicycle for her sister.

Ngan is in normal health condition.

Ngan's family is listed as a poor household by the local authorities. Her family has no farmland. There is not any valuable thing in their house. Her house made from leave walls and iron sheet roof. It is 30 square meters. Now her house is old and has water leaking from ceiling when it rains. Ngan?s father has end-stage renal disease and is treating at the provincial hospital. Her mother is a factory worker with monthly income about 174 USD. After work, she cares for her husband at the hospital and two children at home. The income of her family is low and unstable. This may lead the child to be at risk of dropping-out of school. Therefore, local authority referred this case to Holt for help.

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