Date of Birth: 07-08-2007
Country: Vietnam

Anh lives with her maternal grandmother, a younger sibling, and two cousins. Anh?s father passed away long time ago. Anh?s mother has a leg disability, she works as a thread cutter for a sewing enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City. The enterprise provides her with meals, a living space, and 64 USD per month. Anh?s mother sends money home for Anh?s maternal grandmother to raise the four children. The grandmother is old, stay at home to take care of children. Anh?s uncle and aunt in law, who are parents of her two cousins, have gone away and not contacted their children since 2015. The low income of Anh?s mother can not pay enough basic living expenses of one old lady and four children, not to mention their school fees and a bike for school.

Anh is 12 years old. She has normal physical and mental health.

Anh?s family is listed as a poor household in her town. Her mother does not afford a bicycle for her daughter to go to school. Local authority referred this case to Holt for support.

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