Date of Birth: 07-18-2005
Country: Vietnam

Huy lives with her maternal grandparents and an older brother. Huy?s parents owed a big sum of money but they were unable to pay. They went away in September, 2017 to hide from creditors. His grandparents are only able to provide the boys? meals, they do not afford the children?s school fees. Huy?s older brother quit school last year, now he helps grandfather catch fish to improve family's income. Huy also needs a bicycle to go to school but they can not afford it.

Huy has normal mental and physical health.

Huy?s family is listed as a poor household in town. They can not afford both family basic expenses and the child?s school fees. Local authority referred their case to Holt to ease parts of their burden and encourage the child to go to school.

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