Date of Birth: 08-06-2005
Country: Vietnam

There are four people in her family. She is the oldest child of two. Her parents don't have any farmland. Her house is small with area about 32 square meters. Her father is a blacksmith. He earns about 66 USD per month. He has high blood pressure so he can't work regularly. Tram's mother is a daily wage worker who is hired to process coconut meat. She earns about 26 USD per month. Tram?s parents are overwhelmed with financial burden to fulfill the basic needs of their family and school fees of the kid.

Tram is in normal health condition.

Tram?s family income is low. Her family is list as a poor household by the local authority. Her parents do not afford to cover all basic living expenses of the family and school fees for the children. This may lead the child to risk of dropping ? out of school.

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