Date of Birth: 07-22-2008
Country: Vietnam

There are four people in his family. He is the youngest child of two. His house is old and small. It is 20 square meters in area and near river side that is at risk of blowing off at any time. Bao's parents are daily wage labors who are hired to weed wild grass on farms and clean up ditches of the field. Their work is not stable with monthly income estimated 145 USD. His health father recently was weaker because he had surgery of appendix. With such low income, his parents can't cover basic living costs and school fees of Bao.

Bao is in normal health condition.

Bao?s family income is low. His family is listed as a poor household by local authority. His parents do not afford to cover all basic living expenses and school fees for Bao. This may lead the child to risk of dropping ? out of school.

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