Date of Birth: 09-16-2011
Country: Vietnam

Cuong lives with his mother and three siblings. Cuong is the third older child in his family. His father failed in doing business and they had to sell their house in 2015 to pay debts. The father left his family in September 2019. Cuong?s mother has become the sole breadwinner and single parent since then. She is a worker for a sewing company with monthly income from about 194 to 215 USD. This wage is still not enough to cover basic living expenses of a five person family, not to mention school fees of four children.

Cuong is 8 years old. He has normal health upon admission.

Monthly income of Cuong?s family is low. His mother does not afford basic expenses of the family and children?s school fees. Local government referred this case to Holt to help improve their income.

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