Date of Birth: 11-09-2015
Country: Vietnam

Linh?s father left his family at the beginning of 2018. Her parents are going to divorce. Linh lives with her grandmother, mother, and a five year old sister. The child?s grandmother had a stroke and her health has been weak since then. Linh?s mother sews clothes for a small business with monthly income of 88.40 USD. This low income can not afford basic expenses of four people, school fees of two children, and medical fees of grandmother.

Linh was 31 months old at the time of admission. The baby is malnourished.

Linh?s family has been listed as a poor household by local authority. Her mother does not afford the family basic expenses and children?s school fees, so she intends to let the kids quit school. Seeing difficulties of the family and children, local staff referred this case to Holt for support.

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