Date of Birth: 03-26-2015
Country: Uganda

Josephine is the second born in the family by father and mother. She is social and loves the company of her sister and peers. She is in school and she loves her studies very much. She receives little support from the family since the grandmother is poor. She wishes to support her but she is always limited by the meager income.

Josephine has a mental problem which has affected her well being. She is on treatment hoping that she will recover.

Josephine stays with her paternal grandmother after the separation of her parents when she was still young. They live in the village of Ddambwe, and the grandmother is aged to the extent that supporting her grand children is a burden. She practices peasant farming, and most of the output is for home consumption. They rarely get surpluses for sale, so meeting other family needs is a challenge, hence leaving the children with little or nothing.

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