Date of Birth: 08-02-2010
Country: Thailand

Tapakorn lives with his parents. He has one elder sister who is studying undergraduate level. His father is a farmer and his mother is a needlewoman. The mother takes care of the boy such as preparing meal, taking him to and from a school every day. The parents quite spoil the boy because they would like to have a boy and he is much younger than his elder sister. The parents need to be strengthened the parenting skill while the boy should be trained on discipline at the same time.

Tapakorn was 8.3 years old (as of November 7, 2018) when he admitted to HSF?s services. He was healthy and had standard growth. He usually has headaches.

HSF social worker found from a discussion with his classroom?s teacher that Tapakorn is from a family with difficult circumstances; Tanakorn and his elder sister is living with his parents who earn average income.

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