Date of Birth: 04-14-2017
Country: Thailand

Supanat's parents met each other on Facebook. The mother was pregnant while studying in the 3rd year of vocational certificate. She had to drop out. The maternal grandmother was worried because the boy's father was only 15 years old. Anyway, she decided the teen parents and their twin sons to live in her house. The hospital referred the family to HSF to provide the twin babies on powdered milk support and counseling.

Supanat became in our care when he was 1 month and 23 days old. He gained 1,490 grams when he was born due to premature birth. Since he had jaundice and breathed fast, he was hospitalized for 25 days.

The mother of Supanat and his twin brother was a teen mother. She gave birth to the twin sons while studying in the 3rd year of vocational certificate. The teen father was a daily worker. The family lived at the boy?s maternal grandmother who worked and stayed at a chicken farm not far from her own house. She could help minding her grandsons in her free times.

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