Date of Birth: 12-10-2014
Country: Philippines

Mar Ichirou Christian is the only child. His father is a security guard who earns a minimum wage per day while her mother is a full-time house wife. They have their own house that was made by cement together with his grandparents, uncles and unties. The family has no additional income. The income of the family is not enough to sustain their basic needs because of the high cost of living.

Upon admission, he was a healthy and active boy. He was a small and has loud voice. He liked to be with his mother while playing his toy.

The mother of Mar Ichirou knew the day care since then because of their neighbor who is currently studying at KBF day care center. The mother wanted to develop his child?s essential skills such as writing, reading and coloring. He also wanted to let his child expose to other children to develop his socializing skills.

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