Date of Birth: 12-29-2010
Country: Mongolia

Urgamal lives with her parents. The family lives in the their own Ger dwelling. The father is deaf and unemployed. The mother is housewife, so she stays at home to take care of child. The family's only income is the child welfare allowance from the government.

She is with language difficulties during admitting in the program.

Tuv province?s center is Zuunmod soum, which is the most populated urban area within its province. Zuunmod soum has the largest number of vulnerable families, its population is dense and has high unemployment rate, which are the main factors for implementing the Family Strengthening Program. The members of families at risk are unemployed with no income other than the child support money from the government. The family live in the Zuunmod soum. The family has one child. The child is disabled.

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