Date of Birth: 07-13-2009
Country: Mongolia

The family came from the countryside to the city in search of job. They are living with relatives in Ger district. The father doesn't have a permanent job, occasionally he's employed at car repair & car washing shop. The mother stays home with two young children. Without proper document the parents couldn't send their child to public school when he was 6, after three years, he was admitted in the Informal school of district.

Darkhanbayar was healthy when admitted in the program.

The Informal school is a government school, which focus on lifetime education to the citizens. Majority of students are school dropouts and from vulnerable, large families who have financial problem, lack of proper documents, or have medical issues. Other reasons of school dropout include not able to provide school uniform, clean clothes, school items and foods. However, the students and the families have high hopes to complete education. Our program aims to offer hot meal and school supplies to the students involved in the informal school. Regular lunch will thereby give them an opportunity to complete their basic education and improve skills in learning.

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