Date of Birth: 07-22-2013
Country: Mongolia

Enkhtuul lives with her parents and older brother. Her parents bring her to the kindergarten every day, because they believe that this is the only place in Mongolia that provides necessary care, therapy to her only girl that otherwise parents cannot provide themselves.

Enkhtuul has cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparetis. Enkhtuul is receiving physical and occupational therapy twice a week and speech, feeding and swallowing therapy-lesson once a week.

Enkhtuul has cerebral palsy, she goes to specialized kindergarten for disabled children. This kindergarten is a state run facility and the only one in Mongolia that provide needed care for disabled children. The kindergarten offers care to children aged 2-6 years old and it also provides care to children of poor families. On regular basis they take medical analysis, have specialized doctor's visits.

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