Date of Birth: 03-15-2015
Country: Mongolia

He lives with his mother, aunt, uncle in a orphanage. He had twin brother who died at age of 14 months. They live in the Ger district, located far from the Kindergarten. Mother is unemployed, she brings him to kindergarten everyday. She is happy that Suh-Ochir is in good hands and receiving needed physical therapy along with nutritious food that otherwise she cannot provide herself.

Sukh-Ochir has spastic tetraparetis cerebral palsy, rickets, drooling. He was born 1500gr and had birth asphyxia. He has breathing, lung problem and chest deformation, as well as floppy muscle tone. Sukh-Ochir has eye muscle dis-balance.

Sukh-Ochir has cerebral palsy, he goes to specialized kindergarten for disabled children. This kindergarten is a state run facility and the only one in Mongolia that provide needed care for disabled children. On regular basis they take medical analysis, have specialized doctor's visits.

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