Date of Birth: 03-10-2016
Country: Mongolia

The family have 6 kids. The biggest one is 14 years old and the youngest one is 1.6 years old. They use their child allowance for food. The family monthly income is social welfare allowance. The family has 8 members and 4 of their children go to school, 1 kid goes to the kindergarten and 1 kid just stays at home. Some days they eat no food but sometimes their father goes for fishing and earns money for their family.

He was underweight during admitting the program.

Tarialan soum of Khuvsgul province is located 600 km away from Ulaanbaatar city and 200 km away from the center of Khuvsgul aimag. Even though Tarialan is the largest soum that has advance development of agriculture, there are number of social issues in relation with its large number of populations. Most households don?t have sustainable income source and majority of them have seasonal work based on environment and livestock farming. The parents are unemployed and their mother stays home looking after their kids. Parents look for a job but since it's the countryside they are unable to find a job. Without job and unable to support their children, they approached us for help.

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