Date of Birth: 05-04-2017
Country: Mongolia

The family lives in a Ger district, their Ger is poorly maintained and there are five members in the family. The father left the family when the mother was 4 months pregnant. There is no child support from the father. The grandmother lives with the family. The mother finds temporary jobs to support her family. She said that in winter it is a challenge to survive, as the coal price is high and children often get sick from severe cold and heavy pollution in the Ger district. The only income is the government allowance of $7 per child and the grandmother's pension.

She was healthy upon admission.

Nominerdene's mother is a single parent with three children. She has no job, hence she approached the Social Services Department of the district for help and the department sent us her request for support. We enrolled Nominerdene in the program.

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