Date of Birth: 10-27-2014
Country: Mongolia

The family has no place of their own, currently living with grandmother. Due to her son's illnesses and young children at home, she couldn't go out searching for a job. The three children are 8, 3 and 2 yrs old. The treatment for her son is expensive and needs medical attention all the time. The cost of living is rising on daily basis, there is a desperate need to take care of a sick child. The family doesn't have relatives who can extend help. She mentioned her family is vulnerable and the future of her children is uncertain. Her priority concern is for son's health and a place to live.

Gankholboo has kidney malfunction, in the past he has been admitted in the hospital several times to treat his kidney inflammation. Retention of urine was also present.

The mother is single, raising 3 young children. The family came from the countryside to get treatment for the middle son who has severe health issue. The mother has no job, and no money to support her children.

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