Date of Birth: 10-18-2012
Country: Mongolia

Munkhgerel's parents are unemployed, they are struggling to get a job, but due to economic crises they are unable to find a job. The parents collect trash from the landfill. They live only with child welfare income from the government which is not sufficient to raise their children. They don't have a meal everyday and have not enough coal to make warm their Ger dwelling.

Munkhgerel was healthy upon admission.

The families who live close to Red Stone landfill are very poor. Most people this area collect trashes for a living. Munkhgerel's family lives in this area with four children. The family's two children are school dropout, now they are attending the Red Stone Informal school. Social Service of Department of Songino Khairkhan asked us to help this family, we decided to support the child Munkhgerel.

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