Date of Birth: 05-23-2010
Country: Mongolia

The mother is unemployed and she left the child to his grandmother. The family is poor and he lived with his grandmother and two aunts in a basement of an apartment which was in very poor condition. The grandmother worked as a cleaner in the apartment, her salary barely supported the family's needs. The child was growing up in a harsh life, needing a safe home, health care, and nutritious food. The social worker of district brought him to the orphanage center.

He was healthy upon admission.

Sun's Children Orphanage center is a private facility and houses 40 children, aged 6-17. The orphanage is located in Darkhan city, about 230 km from Ulaanbaatar. The children are orphans, abandoned or separated from their families. The orphanage provide children housing, food and other necessities. Holt International started project to support these children, providing nutrition food and educational supplies. Tuguldur is one of the children receiving support.

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