Date of Birth: 08-15-2008
Country: Mongolia

The family lives in a Ger in the Ger district. Both parents work in leather tanning company. Due to economic crises and high inflation, the company faces many challenges impacting its employees. Parents generate little income, and the increasing price of food and other major product is making more difficult to cover all essential needs. In winter season, there is more pressure to keep their dwelling warm, the coal is the main source of fuel for fire and heating. The coal is expensive and its cost continue to rise.

Oyuntungalag was healthy when admitted in the program.

Oyuntungalag?s family was referred to us by district social worker for educational, livelihood support. Her family consists of father, mother, grandmother and 3 siblings. Both her parents work, but their salary is not enough to meet family?s basic needs. We enrolled Oyuntungalag in the program.

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